Sunday, October 12, 2014


So I took my first 5 mg Crestor last night and woke up after just 5 hours of sleep (I need at least 6 to function well) because of tingling in my feet and a sensation in my calves that they may spasm.  Instead of blindly following my doctor's orders of taking one every other day, I decided to just take one a week and see how the one dose affects me and what lab results a single weekly dose may bring in the next 3 months.  If more possible side effects develop and last the whole week, I will probably stop it altogether.  I am trying to find a dose that doesn't affect my daily life but will give me some protection against atherosclerosis.
ETA: the feet tingling and calves sensations did improve after stopping Lipitor.

This morning in spite of not feeling well from sleep deprivation, I enjoyed my workout!
I did my edited version of the cardio from Karen Voight's Your Personal Best.  The moves were great on the bungee and ball and the music I used was really good too but haven't a clue of its source LOL
(will update if I can identify the source later).
Then I did another youtube BodyArt/Deep Work routine and finished with some of Andrea Metcalf's Strength from her Keeping Fit series.  I really liked the moves and am embarrassed to note it was my first revisit!  Too many workouts and too few workout sessions.

(the music mentioned above was found on

ETA: I woke up in the middle of the night a second night after my first 5mg Crestor dose but this time with an actual calf cramp.   Obviously if and when this symptom goes away and I try another Crestor dose which may or may not trigger this symptom again, I will completely forget about trying this second statin.  Sleep is much more important than undocumented benefits of a statin to me.

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