Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Rant and Rave

First the Rant:

I had ordered RALA (Stabilized R-Alpha Lipoic Acid) from an Amazon vendor last week who shipped the same day.  The darn bottle has now spent 4 days and counting in the NJ postal system when it was supposed to be delivered Monday!  Meanwhile the peripheral neuropathy and tinnitus seems to be getting worse.   Last night I had to take a Melatonin to fall asleep because of the loud endless noises in my head.  In the past, Melatonin gave me a headache but that may have been more because of Lipitor since I had no headache.

Now the Rave:
I loved the routines I did this morning!
(probably because of the MUsic I used)
First I did an edited version of Jessica Smith's Kickboxing routines on the bungee then ball with the Stax cans.  Then I did an edited version of Chris Freytag's Walk Yourself Fit which had some unique moves.  I was feeling pooped so tried just alittle of an edited Keaira Dance:


my sample:
Lots of fun from its very beginning so will revisit the video.
I am privately uploading edited routines to for revisits so come visit Bouncin Barb at
Invitation link to Bouncin Barb on Well Video
and register!

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