Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Great Bouncing Routines

I started with my edited version of the two One Day Fatblast routines still available on DVD that had good upright lower body cardio then did a bunch of edited BootcampTV routines, all of which had lots of bouncing for the bungee and ball.
As usual, my MUsic got my endorphin flowing.

BootcampTV videos are on youtube:

For awhile last evening I was worried that my Crestor induced neuropathy was going to be worse than when on Lipitor because the tingling sensation had spread to my right forearm, hand and fingers but all of the tingling intensity seems to be lessening today.

Of course, when I tried to explain to my doctor that I stopped Lipitor because of this neuropathy even though CoQ10 did help the other problems, he shut me down.  I will eventually call him and tell him I only took one Crestor and stopped because of the neuropathy and suggest he switch me to his partner if he cannot accept my decision.  If that doesn't work out, I will start calling other doctor offices till I find one who wants an informed patient instead of a pill popper.

Today's sparks were a 2 mile walk and this Barefoot Dancer episode:

Barefoot Dancer16 Magician by POMBarb
I really enjoyed this and need to revisit them more often!

Also if you would like to try the TamiLee Webb's stretch which includes a chair, here it is
go to my WellVideo invitation link
then do a search for *stretch*

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