Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Groovin again

I finally did a real workout and even though I was not feeling well before, I felt great afterwards.

First I warmed with with a Davina routine but it had no special moves so not bothering to edit it with better music.  At least, it got my blood flowing using mostly my lower body.  After having blood drawn and a vaccination in each arm (Pneumonia and flu), I wanted to avoid using my arms too much.  Arnica gel came in handy for the flu shot arm which got sore. (a couple of drug store chains have specials this week for Arnica products!)

Then I did 2 edited Just Bounce routines with Remy and loved the moves and my MUsic.  I had no trouble keeping in time with him even though he was on a Bellicon.  What I really liked about my 550 is that I can keep in time with every kind of workout and not struggle with balance or hit my head on the ceiling LOL
originals can be found here

Last but not least, this Bodyart Shock was simply wonderful:

I just wanted to mention that the stabilityball/Hopper was compatible with most of the above as well.

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