Friday, October 17, 2014

Sharing is Caring

Anyone who follows this blog knows I love to edit workout videos and usually replace the audio while keeping the simple to follow moves without cuing.  Music energizes me and contributes to my feeling of well-being as much as moving so combining these two elements has been my key to making moving to music a regular part of my daily lifestyle. Using a bungee and a stability ball for bouncing enables me to move at higher intensities without aggravating my joints.  I am a variety addict and enjoy creating these files almost as much as doing them and certainly have more time than energy so may not even get to revisit most of them.
I follow the beat of the music while watching myself in the mirror and glance at the tv screen to see what move is being done then tweak the move to work for me depending if I am bouncing on a bungee or ball.  So I usually create smaller files with less visual quality to make uploading and downloading faster plus demanding less storage space.

There are several ways I have stored and saved some of these combinations as well as enabled sharing.

Be sure to select English as your language in the upper right hand corner or try Google translate.
If you want to download from WellVideo, the best method has been Download Helper on Firefox.
Also the Chrome Extension called Video Downloader Professional has been great.

Here's my DailyMotion link for previous uploads

Here's my lesser used Youtube channel where I mostly have playlists::

I can store videos temporarily as space allows on Dropbox and Google Drive and share the links privately.  These Dropbox or Google Drive links are not to be shared with others.

I am also storing more private videos on and
 You can find me on VK at
If you decide to subscribe, friend me!

I will only Friend people I know on VK but all can see the edited jessicasmithtv files on

I love to share my creations and will not accept any financial offers but request that you donate to Jessica Smith if you  want to show any gratitude for her free stuff.

Feel free to email me for any other suggestions

Please do not ask me to burn dvdrs of my files for you because I will not accept money for even the materials and postage.  When I used to do this in the past, it cost me quite a bit of $$ besides time.  Time I am willing to give generously.  I will help you learn how to download and burn your own dvdrs even help you learn to edit the files.
*Teach a man to fish and he will never go hungry*

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