Saturday, October 11, 2014

Short Routines

I did a bunch of short routines this morning and liked some enough to revisit and others not so much.  First up was Davina's Cardio Box from My three 30 minute Workouts which was ok but too one sided and too many combos with kicks for my tastes.  I have much better already with great MUsic added.
Next was Arnita Champion's Bellicon Arms (youtube) which was mostly great because of editing and replacing the audio but became very short after editing LOL
Both of the above were done on the bungee with my Stax chip cans attached with halved wrist bands.

Really liked the warmup and cooldown of the ATS Chair routine with different MUsic.   I used the well known version of All that Bass for the warmup and its lesser known acapella version for its cooldown.

Then there was another winner with some edited Barre3 which worked great with the MUsic I added.  Both of the above (ATS Chair and Barre 3 were great on the stability ball!)

I liked some of a youtube BodyArt routine but really loved another called Deep Work:

Of course, I had edited out the moves I skip like planks. etc.

I believe I covered all I did but may have missed a routine or two LOL

ETA: I knew I missed one!  One of the few failed edited routines because I left in too many moves I do not like.  It was a Popsugar warmup.

ETA: Arnita just uploaded an 80s Bellicon Abs workout and I actually feel sorry for her because her 39inch Bellicon does not look nearly as much fun as my 44inch Jumpsport 550.  Heck my 550 is even cheaper because included delivery!

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