Tuesday, October 28, 2014


After 2 mornings in AC, this morning's routines were
Arnita Champion's 80s Cardio on the bungee
Arnita Champion's abs and thighs on the stability ball but edited
Arnita Champion Videos


last but not least, some of Kari Anderson's Center Floor to which I had added Celtic MUsic, making this a delightful way to work my tingling feet.
here's a sample:

I allowed myself to go anaerobic at least three times during Arnita's Cardio and will shoot for anaerobic intervals with a gentle healthbounce recovery every 3 days after reading the benefits of this type of training.  I was fortunate that my resting heartrate continued to be so good in spite of statin setbacks.
I have the heart of an athlete! LOL

ETA: I never thought marriage equality would become such a reality in this country during my lifetime.  I hope a similar grass roots movement with the help of the internet is successful during my lifetime that of which is removing millions of people from harmful statins so people can enjoy their lives more. After-all, equal rights changed one mind at a time, especially after a gay loved one came out.   I am afraid many doctors will have to watch their loved ones suffer before they will change and stop pushing statins.

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