Sunday, October 12, 2014

If you want to see my videos on
visit me (Bouncin Barb) at

You may have to register to play some of my private videos.
If you visit WellVideo using this link, you will add to my karma.

I have also uploaded some of my workout music soundtracks to WellVideo.  You can play a workout muted on one tab and my music on another quite easily there.

Hurray my karma quota has been hit
(thank you everyone who accepted my invitation)
BUT please continue to visit through the link above!

ETA:  I just downloaded my first workout with the new download option which became available after getting 20 karma points and it is awesome!  It directly downloaded the MP4 file to my laptop without any special program.  Now the WellVideo videos went from being the trickiest to download to the easiest.  However, I may have lost a karma point after the download so still need visitors.

For those without enough karma, the best download method has been using Download Helper on Firefox but early in the day because very slow in the evening.

The Administrator is deducting one karma point for each download but now I just need to maintain a minimum of 10 karma points which hopefully will happen with blog fans.

ETA: For those who would like a cloud storage for their favorite videos,  Well Video may be the perfect solution.   Not only does the site enable direct uploads of video files, you can embed videos from other online sources.  Your playlists can keep your videos organized.

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