Saturday, July 2, 2016

DanceBody Rave

DanceBody generously gave several fans a free two week trial of their new streaming service.  I was actually promised a month for promoting their Periscope and streaming service launch but am very happy with just the two weeks I was given.

I do not stream workouts and still use dvds in my basement workout area with a cheap surround sound system and tube TV,  bouncing to loud music with little to no cuing (and definitely no Whooping or Whooing or any other annoying sound effects).  Most online classes have annoying sound effects if not nonstop chatter.  I think TA, Yin, and maybe Hamelin are about the only one who offer music only.  There are many youtube videos that are mostly music only but the choreo is usually repetitious or music Zumba style which I do not prefer.

I have burned several of the DanceBody streams to dvd and did them this past week.   I am also not a fan of mat work so skip those segments when I burn the classes.  Whether streamed or burned to dvd, their style is the best cardio and AWT I have found online or on dvd.

If I wanted to stream workouts, DanceBody would be my number one choice if not only choice.
Once I have tried all that I can burn, I plan to subscribe for a week and catch up on more of their classes.  I have enjoyed working out this week in spite of much mental and physical stress.

Go to  and click on the streaming tab for more information.

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