Friday, July 29, 2016

God Help Us

As billionaire Bloomberg expressed:
if Trump ran the country like he ran his businesses
 God Help Us.
Bloomberg also implied that Trump was not sane nor competent.

Trump has shown emotional immaturity and instability over and over again.
He has spewed dangerous rhetoric over and over again.
He has no filter.
He is rude and crude.
He shows no respect but demands respect.
If he feels slighted, he counter-punches like a schoolyard bully.
He has no sense of fair play.
He has no sense of right and wrong.
He has no sense of ethics.
He is a petulant child instead of a professional adult.
He never feels remorse, admits he behaved poorly, or apologizes.
He has no empathy.
He has no conscience.

He instructed his minions not to watch the Democrat Convention last evening.
Even before this last night, He wanted to hit several speakers till their heads spun (supposedly just verbally) but was advised not to do it. (cannot shake the image of Christie sitting on Trump's hand to prevent tweets)
He makes terrible comments about our Military who do not want him to be their Commander-in-Chief.
He does not have the temperament to run for POTUS and definitely not the temperament to serve as POTUS.

It will be interesting to see if this bully has the guts to debate Clinton after avoiding a debate with Sanders.  If he foolishly thinks he can beat Clinton in a debate, he will blow any chance of becoming POTUS.   The debate will get incredible ratings but only his most ignorant supporters will still vote for him.

This is not a storyline for wrestling fans.
This is not an audition for a reality TV show.
Not an audition for a role in a drama series like Tyrant or even comedy series because his behavior stopped being amusing long ago.
He does not understand that an elected public servant is not the boss.
This is an evaluation for the most powerful position in the world which demands a mature diplomatic temperament and well informed responsible individual who wants to serve and protect all Americans.  Right now what Americans need protection from is HIM.

Joe Biden said Trump has no clue.
I say the people who support Trump have no  clue.
He has no trustworthy qualities and is a pathological liar.
They think he is honest and says what he thinks.
Sometimes he speaks without thinking which is just a raw emotional outburst..
Sometimes he will say something he is not thinking just for its effect.

The GOP seems clueless as well.
He seems unaware of the adopted GOP platform.

I do not understand how his daughter who is besties with Chelsea is also so clueless.
He seems unaware of the support for women his daughter had implied.
His daughter claims Trump is color and gender Blind.
I say he is just Blind.

He is just unaware of everything except seeing his face on the news and social media,
He is unaware after all of these decades that his words are also being recorded.
The real Donald Trump denies saying what he said even when the video of him saying it is played right in front of him.
If insanity is doing the same thing over and over expecting a different result,
He is totally out of touch with reality and unfit to become the POTUS in the real world.

We have seen the real Donald Trump.
An empty ugly shell who has never cared about anything or anyone except himself, his wallet and most of all WINNING..
He will say anything to WIN.
All he cares about is Winning but just what is he winning with his irresponsible behavior except a rotten reputation which will hurt his businesses rather than help them.
His legacy will be a pitiful one.
Let's fire him before he is hired.

For those who watch TV more for the villain than the hero,
no worries you will still see him in November when the law suit against Trump University is scheduled. 

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