Saturday, July 9, 2016


The GOP is focused on meaningless investigations into Clinton's emails and blocking progress on gun legislature, anti-gay discrimination, and Supreme Court Justice nominations.   It is time to elect politicians who do their job instead of pleasing special interests.  It is time for politicians to do what is right for the whole country instead of bigoted groups.
ETA:  Now the GOP is trying to pass discriminatory bills and reverse equality of marriage within individual states.
News flash:  if you do not want to marry someone of the same gender, then don't!
But do not deny equal rights to other taxpayers based on personal irrational fears.

Thankfully, Trump is such a jerk that he will get many of these other jerks voted out of office.

It is really ironic when Demagogue Donald speaks about unifying the country.
In a way, he is unifying the country:

His sidekick Christie is not much better.
In fact, he may be worse in cases like Bridge-gate which did alot more harm with intent than Clinton's emails.
(news alert: Christie's previously missing mobile phone has been found!)

On a positive note:
This morning I did Jessica's Stride Step routine and more of her Have a Ball.
Stride & Step has cuing I need but I am going add MUsic to Have a Ball.

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