Tuesday, July 26, 2016


Unfortunately, my husband had Trump on the TV.
I am tired of his disrespect for others who have devoted their live to helping others.
His red herrings like his Birthers allegations are distractions from his own corruption.
He insists Obama is Muslim.
He tweets an antisemitic graphic with Hillary,
then accuses Hillary of using Bernie's religion against him!

I heard him promise  to have every agency investigating corruption in the government.
He can start with his number one minion and Bridge-gate.
Then he can check his campaign staff for asking foreign officials for contributions to his campaign fund, even after being warned that it was not legal.

Of course, the IRS needs to audit his tax returns which really should have been completed BEFORE the conventions so the GOP had time to replace him.
Honesty and Transparency are unknown character qualities to him.

He has a good friend who have been accused of statutory rape and another of sexual harassment.
He never apologizes for the harm he does and has no conscience.
He is above the law.

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