Monday, July 18, 2016

A Must Read

The real Donald Trump is the person we see.
There is no other side or direction for him.

His 60 minute interview showed how unfit he is to be POTUS.
His future debates with Hillary will definitely drive him over the edge and show how unfit he is.

(We may be hearing quite a bit from angry Donald about this)
So Melania's speech writers obviously plagiarized Michelle Obama's 2008 speech.
(Earlier Melania lied and said she wrote most of it with very little help.)
And in typical fashion the Trump campaign manager denied any plagiarism and started accusing Clinton of reacting to another female.  The similarities were immediately noticed by someone on Twitter long before Clinton had any knowledge of the similarities.

Ironically, Melania's version left out Michelle's most important phrase about respecting other people even if you do not agree with them LOL
Of course, we all know this is a trait missing in Trump's DNA.
Other politicians when caught plagiarizing, just admitted to it
It is just too embarrassing in this case when considering who spoke the original words.

The previous Trump campaign manager is tweeting that the current Campaign manager should be fired LOL

What a circus.
Wish I could enjoy it but their negativity is just too stressful.
I like to fall asleep with the tv on because of tinnitus but last night I had to shut if off because it was just too nasty.

2nd night of GOP convention:
all I caught was this from Paul Ryan:
“They are offering you a third Obama term brought to you by another Clinton,” he said. “And you’re supposed to be excited about it.”
He later added: “2016 is the year America moves on.”
Problem is there would have been  much more change if the GOP Congress had worked with Pres Obama!   Now the GOP want to go backwards and ban gay marriage and support conversion therapy for gay minors (or minors who *think* they are gay).   Not only do they want to treat Gays as second class citizens but they want to enable anyone to be able to purchase an assault rifle.
This should be the year that the GOP Congress majority gets replaced for all of our citizens and not just the radicalized Christians.
This would be very exciting where as the alternative (GOP leadership) would be greatly depressing, especially paying for Trump's Wall.

Ryan also wants the GOP to be inclusive
(for everyone but Gays and Mexicans I guess)

Trump promises to protect the LGBT community.
Actually they need protection from the GOP.
He cannot protect them from domestic terrorism till the hateful Radical Right STFU.
He cannot protect them if He selects future Supreme Court Justices who cannot separate Church and State.
He cannot protect anyone with assault rifles so easily obtainable.

Do not let the future of our country be in the hands of the Radical Right and a narcissist with dementia ...  Forest Gump was brilliant compared to Trump

"Anyone who endorses violence, hatred or oppression is not welcome in our country and never ever will be," Trump said.
OK Mr. Trump, please leave the USA

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