Saturday, December 3, 2016

Adjusting Audio

Moving for me is all about the music.
If the cuing has loud sound effects like *WHOO*, I am instantly turned off.  It is really bothersome how many instructors get into the habit of Whooing.

I have found I can sometimes make the music louder and the cuing softer when working out with a Windows laptop attached to power speakers.   One way is to choose voice cancellation under enhancements.  Another which worked great on a Sister Fitness this morning was to lower the level of the right speaker.  If neither method works and the music just is not clicking for me, I edit the file and replace the audio with music.

If ripping a dvd and wanting its music louder option (if it has one). choose its second or other audio track on Freemake or Handbrake.  The default audio usually is with loud cuing.  This also works if there are multiple language choices.

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