Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Subscription Rants and a RAVE

I just want to warn subscription customers to keep an eye on any subscriptions that were cancelled.
I had unsubscribed during a free trial with GROKKER and received an email confirming the cancellation.
I have since been billed for two more months.
On my account it says invalid expiration date so someone probably made an error when entering the expiration date.
They are supposed to respond within 24 hours but I still have not heard from them today which is the second business day since I first contacted them about this matter.

ETA: GROKKER is giving me a refund but are claiming I had subscribed again although I did not.  There was no way for me to know my account was still active plus no way to cancel again when I checked my account after I saw my credit card bill so there was a glitch on their end.
Bottomline, check you credit card/paypal accounts.

I had also cancelled my Sister Fitness subscription because they seemed to have alot of glitches and I got tired of policing their monthly offerings.

Last but not least, a RAVE for www.gethealthyutv.com
I first got their streaming annual Premium subscription at a very reasonable price ($6) then a few days later accepted their special email offer ($20) for an annual Gold subscription.
The Gold includes several downloadable files and access to their LIVE Classes.
A new Live Class is added each week and I really enjoy them!
Although I can cancel at any time, I have decided to keep the subscription for the Live Classes.
Fitness friends have told me UTV will send an email a month before the current annual subscription expires before it is automatically renewed so I have a few weeks notice to cancel if the renewal price seems too expensive.

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