Saturday, March 18, 2017


Thanks to our POTDS and his personality disorders,
one by one he is alienating all other countries, except maybe Russia.
Allies like Mexico, Australia, and the UK are now cautious about any diplomatic relations with this very flawed individual,

His obsession with alternate facts makes him an unreliable leader.
He has no credibility left and other countries are very aware of his flaws.
None of the intelligence professionals or leaders from other countries will trust his judgement which has made our country much more vulnerable to future terrorist activity.
His bullying attitude and focus on military strength makes him a threat to world peace.

His tweet which preceded Tillerson's meeting with China made diplomacy much more difficult for Tillerson.

His meeting with Merkel did not go well in spite of her phenomenal effort to remain diplomatic.
German journalists asked questions which would have been ignored if asked by American journalists and rump's responses to these questions confirmed his flaws and poor judgement.

What will happen when there is a real crisis instead of these ridiculous self-inflicted conflicts?

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