Wednesday, March 1, 2017


I recently caved on a special annual Premium subscription offer from UTV for just $6.

I liked alot of the Chris Freytag workouts so when another offer arrived by email a few days later for a $20 annual Gold subscription, I caved again.  Gold members have access to their LIVE streams and also receive some Premium videos that are unlocked for downloading.

This morning I really enjoyed their most recent LIVE class which was a very unique kettlebell routine.


  1. Hi barb, question not really related to your today blog. Hope you don't mind :)
    I have searched high and low without avail for an answer to my burning question about the 'bounce'.
    I own a cellerciser rebounder, but I'm ready for a change. My question is if I get a bungee rebounder it appears everyone sinks lower in the bounce compared to the spring rebounders. Which bounce type is better for you and weight loss, cellulite etc? Nowhere does it say that if you bounce lower in mat you burn more calories or improves drainage more etc. Does it make a difference? Is one better than the other in terms of the body?
    Look forward to hearing from you.
    Thank you

  2. Mat tension is a personal preference. What feels good to the user is more important than anything else because if it feels good, you will do it. Cord tension, mat size, and body weight will determine how low the mat will go. I prefer to stay close to the mat so the bungees that sink give me more range of motion. For size and bounce, the best suggestion may be the Jumpsport 550 from Costco which can be returned if unsatisfied. Even though I prefer my two Chinese imports for their larger sizes, I am not sure they are still available.

  3. Barb I guess you are so right. On both accounts. Great idea about trying the jumpsport out :) Guess I just can't understand how the tension affects your body or as you said it may be just about preference. You mentioned an import. Do you recommend one like yours?

  4. my favorite is a huge hexagon no longer being sold by AliExpress. It was also my cheapest LOL Probounce may still be selling. I got the 48 inch with ultra cords. It was a workout putting it together. you can pay more and get a Bellicon to avoid the struggle. Those who ordered a Bellicon usually get two different sets of cords and return the set they like least. If you have the room, a 48-50 inch is great but remember that the mat will be more giving with the larger diameter so best to go stronger in cord tension. I have been so happy with my cheaper imports that I lost all temptation for a Bellicon.

  5. I can't thank you enough. You have been incredibly insightful.
    Thanks again
    And keep calm and keep bouncing:)