Saturday, March 25, 2017

ObamaCare is the Law of the Land

I will never understand why Ryan and Trump supported a healthcare plan that only helped the rich instead of making healthcare more affordable for everyone and was not supported by the medical community.
Obviously, Trump did not understand or try to understand any of it.
Ryan?  just giddy with power?
The GOP plan had an approval rating of 17%
Have no clue why even that 17% would be there if they can read.
Then again some on ObamaCare still do not realize it is the ACA (Affordable Care Act).

Thanks mostly to their protesting constituents, the GOP House could not get it passed and ObamaCare will not be repealed and replaced.  Our Aspie son will continue to receive NJ Family HealthCare instead of having no medical insurance or having to pay a small fortune to stay covered. Now that ObamaCare is hanging around, insurance companies should try to participate.  I have no clue if the GOP governors who refused to participate can change their policies for the good of their constituents.

Imagine if the POTUS and Congress had been elected according to competency and policy instead of empty promises and propaganda.
Politicians need to put their constituents first before party and ego.  Their constituents elect them and are their employers, paying taxes towards their salaries.
No huge tax cuts for the rich.
No budget cuts for social services, environmental protection, and education.
Improved Infrastructure to provide jobs and to take care of America first instead of a wasteful Wall or more nuclear bombs.
Put the People ahead of their Egos or look for a new career.

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