Friday, July 17, 2015

Three Blessings: Edited Videos, WellVideo, and Friends

I am still MUving to MUsic mostly on my 550 Jumpsport bungee and large stability ball.
I am still sharing edited files mostly on WellVideo, mostly with Friends.
Also I am blogging my daily routines for Friends on WellVideo

Editing video files has been a real Blessing for me.
If I were to rely on most of the online and dvd workouts with their abysmal music and moves which I have to tweak or fast forward through, working out would be much less enjoyable.

There are more routines I have edited and/or have tried and want to revisit but realistically will never even try, let alone revisit them all.   Hopefully, some will still be enjoyed by others even after I am no longer able to do them.

For now, I am tolerating all of my annoying conditions and still enjoy MUving about 40 minutes every morning with a spark or two throughout the day.   WellVideo has been a real Blessing for me.  If I press pause and wait just a minute or two for the video to load, it streams most routines very nicely.  It offers great private storage and sharing options as well as various ways of making new *Friends*.

Speaking of *Friends*, they are truly the best Blessing of all.

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