Thursday, April 21, 2016

Still Baladea Plus

This morning I did some of the edited files of Baladea Slim and Power.  I loved the music I used in the first half of Slim.  The second half had the same soundtrack I had added to Boost!
I liked Power but other than the warm up, it is really not any better than most other band routines. I may record myself bouncing to the edited Boost and Slim files eventually.

I also did alittle of my edited JessicaSmithTV Barre Lower Body to which I had added Celtic music and started a very good chair routine found on youtube.

I plan to try this one in my bedroom in front of the laptop
Since I read that using the upper body aerobically can lower blood pressure, I have been making an effort to use my upper body more and have seen my BP go lower.

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