Monday, April 11, 2016


This morning I did some of another Saturday KPDanceBody Periscope recording.  The bouncy moves are becoming more familiar to me so I am enjoying each of them on the bungees and ball.  I really like the audio with minimal cuing and loud music so I can get into the music.  My recording did have some glitches so totally understand why Katia Pryce wants to keep control over her property and not have these Periscope recordings posted publicly.  I am hoping her future website streaming performs well on my laptop and much better than the Periscope LIVE feeds did.

Also I started doing some of the videos by Caribbean Flavour
Some of these faster routines worked better on the PROBounce with ultra cords.

There was an article claiming that Trump has not made charity contributions from his own pocket, only with other people's money.  He donated gifts with inflated values like golf course rounds and hotel rooms which promoted his own brand.  I have to question whether these *gifts* were used as income tax deductions.

When we went to a stock board meeting for the AC Trump casinos, he did give out vouchers for a free meal at his gourmet restaurants.  However, the stock owners did lose their total investment which did not risk money from his own pocket.  He arranged terrible bank loans for his AC casino hotels without risking any of his own money.  Do we want him doing similar deals with our tax money?

Bill O'Reilly claimed he bought all of the vanilla milkshakes consumed by Donald Trump when they attended ball games.  (Careful Bill because you may get sued if Trump develops a metabolic disease).

Trump is definitely more of a Taker than a Giver.
I prefer being a Giver.

One other thing, how much of a Republican is Trump if two of his kids who are campaigning for him did not register as GOP in time to vote for him in the NY primary?  I remember how disappointed I was that I could not vote for Hillary against Obama back when I was registered as a Republican even though I stopped supporting the Republican party for almost 3 decades  I was against the Democrat party because of small town politics in the 1960s and 1970s.  I finally made the effort to switch my party registration officially to Democrat.   Having a gay son, I am proud to be a Democrat and grateful to President Obama for enabling equal rights.

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