Tuesday, April 12, 2016


Stress is a killer.
My husband, younger son, and I do all we can to keep it minimal.
Unfortunately, our older son thrives on it.  He has a very bad attitude and this attitude has affected all of his relationships, professionally and personally.

Last time he was inbetween jobs and stayed at our home till he had a new job and place to live, the stress was building and becoming harder and harder to control.  He may be needing a place to stay if inbetween jobs again.  He hates to live here but now we dread to have him here.

If it happens, this time he will be presented with the rules of the house in writing.  I no longer care more for his mental health than my own and my husband's.  He is the only one who can change his attitude but I refuse to let his negative personality control our home.

Tomorrow my husband and I have our annual medical exams which is very stressful because my focus is not that of the medical status quo.   At least the younger partner we see is less of a bully.  I am not concerned about my cholesterol or even blood pressure.   Just want to make sure nothing is brewing like diabetes.  Last year he talked me into an unwanted bone density which cost me an unexpected $150  copay and alot of stress just tracking down its results.   Osteopenia is a made up diagnosis to push drugs.  At least, this doctor did not try to push those drugs on me like my previous GYN and just advised Vitamin D and more foods with Calcium.  Ironically, the script my GYN wanted me to take to improve my bone density is now known to cause brittle bones!  Same can be said for Lipitor which causes all sorts of adverse effects with no benefit for women and can cause heart failure in women with MVP which I have.

Anywho I greatly enjoyed my workout this morning which were an edited youtube Power Walk with Christy Sanchez and an Ilyse Baker Sweaty Fusion routine.  I ended with a short Nia routine which was great till the *WHOO*s so will edit it LOL

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