Thursday, April 28, 2016

Fit Mit Anna and KPOP

This morning I did an edited *Fit Mit Anna* routine while sitting on a large stability ball.

original on youtube:

The moves worked great on the ball with little tweaking and the music was fabulous.  Since the workout is in German, replacing the audio does not lose much in cuing.

Yesterday, I started revisiting some Susan Tuttle dvd files as sparks.  Her Latin Dance routines have a music only option but I cannot find the option on her Standing Pilates so may edit them

Last evening I slept really well and woke up more pain free than I can ever remember being in years.  I am hoping my peripheral neuropathy is starting to heal and/or whatever auto-immune condition I have is at peace.

I started doing this youtube video as a spark and loved it on the bungee!

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