Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Still Bouncing

I am very happy to see that my blood pressure has been getting lower since cutting back on empty carbs and taking a short walk after dinner, weather permitting.  Also after lunch I try to bike gently on our patio and get some Vitamin D  (my old recumbent bike now resides there).

Today I started a new workout routine.
Just one piece of equipment a day and today it was the ibounce hexagon bungee.   I just wanted to see how it would be if just one bouncing surface were used instead of all three each day.  Anywho I started with the edited Jumping Fitness video which I had posted yesterday then did some of an edited towel dance by Keaira:

original youtube video:

also did some of the edited Pure Cardio HIIT with Kat Musni:

original youtube:

Tomorrow I plan to continue the Kat Musni on the PROBounce bungee.

ETA:  Before lunch I did 12 minutes of an edited Jessica Smith Walk on the PRO JS370 in our den after hooking up power speakers to the den laptop.  Hope to do the rest before dinner LOL

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