Friday, July 26, 2013

Amazon free MUsic, JS, New Nia

This morning I started with the jessicasmithtv High Intensity and Low Impact routine to which I had added MUsic and trimmed, leaving out the down to the floor stuff I skip and it turned into the perfect bungee spark.  Most of the MUsic was found on Amazon which is a great source for free MP3 files:

MUsic available at Amazon

Then I did Ellen's 30 minute Walk to which I had added MUsic and enjoyed the MUsic but tweaked most of the moves to make them more interesting. The first 10 minutes were on the bungee then the next 10 on the floor then the last 10 on the stability ball.  I used Fitstix through-out but switched to the purple Zumba Stix when sitting on the ball to focus on biceps and triceps.  The routine without my music is on my DailyMotion channel POMBarb

Then I did routines found on youtube including a Gigong ball routine
 and another chiball routine as well as some of the stretch called *Kiss Anita* found on dagby - YouTube.
Sometimes I used a purple Zumba stick instead of a ball.

Nia's latest upload:
I was able to download this video in my chosen MP4 format on

or in flv only format with the new version of Freemake Video Downloader by pasting

Saturday 7/27
This morning I did more of Michele Dozois PeakFit Cardio Burn Remix.  First I did the combo on the bungee then I did the repeat on the stability ball and really liked it on the ball!  Next I did most of Ellen's Prevention Express Belly Blast with Fitstix, alternating the bungee, floor and stability ball.  Actually preferred the original soundtrack to the music I tried with it!  Finished with some of Jessica's Cardio Barre which went great with Irish music.

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