Saturday, July 20, 2013

Daily Motion Download Update

The Mozilla Firefox browser has recently updated their Download Helper so it can download Daily Motion videos again!  They fixed the bug :)

It is much faster than using a download site like

ETA:  I found an old pair of Crosstrainers that are more comfortable without inserts than any of my other shoes with inserts!  This morning I revisited  Dana Pieper's warmup, punching with weights and stability ball routines which I chaptered from her two dvds.  Her warmups are great on the bungee, her punching with weights great with Fitstix and her stability ball which is used like a medball great with a purple Zumba stick.  Finished with some Classical Stretch (930).

I am starting to upload some of the Barefoot Dancer episodes to DailyMotion.
Ironically, they are age restricted because of the title even though Sarina Condello mostly works with children!
Here's the first

Barefoot Dancer 1 by POMBarb
The rest can be viewed on my DailyMotion channel

Just wanted to mention that I am now preferring Handbrake to Freemake Video Converter for ripping chapters from dvds.  Freemake used to be much faster but lately, Handbrake is faster!  Handbrake is just as easy to use and easier to download.

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