Sunday, July 21, 2013

Weekly Check in

I will start a weekly checkin post here and will add to it so the posts about DailyMotion uploads do not get buried.

Sunday 7/21
Woke up with a nightmare about our son and felt out-of-sorts then found out son had laptop problems and made the initial problem worse not waiting for me to help cuz 2 heads are always better than one.  We both know different things about pcs and usually together can solve most issues.  Ironic how my subconscious overlapped with the real world in sensing his stress.  I am confident that we will be able to solve most of his problems.  First problem was he couldn't adjust his game graphics like he could previously (a Windows update may have caused the glitch) then he compounded the issue trying to install new graphic drivers.  Then when that failed, he tried the Windows8 option of Refreshing.  Refreshing seemed to remove all of the programs he had added but I investigated and believe they were just moved to a different folder and can be restored.  Refreshing did not help his graphic problem either.  I believe googling the graphics problem will bring a fix and maybe MS is working on a patch for it already if related to their update
I didn't feel like working out Physically or mentally and figured I would just stop if I didn't become interested.
So I started with the first 3 Doonya songs with MUsic only on the bungee and really enjoyed them.  Felt some of my funk lifting and though my mood improved, still felt out-of-sorts so preceded cautiously.  Next I did the Biggest Loser Mile 2 from their Power Walk DVD to which I had added MUsic.  Did half on the bungee and half on the floor while holding Fitstix and the time flew by. Finished with a youtube routine *Let's Have a Ball* which used a playground ball, chair and paper plates for sliding disks.  The exercisers were older than me but had more stamina!  Anywho it was a nice functional fitness routine for both strength and flexibility with enough sneaky cardio to increase my sweat.  Glad I worked out even though still feel weird.

Found the routine which I had edited and added MUsic to

Monday 7/22
This morning I did a 30 minute AWT walk led by Kim Lyons while holding Fitstix.on the bungee to new Hip Hop MUsic and really enjoyed it!  Then I did some of a standing bag routine led by Cathe.  Then Essentrics for the Waist to which I had added MUsic.  Essentrics was more of a hip opener for me than core routine. Finished with Active Aging Cardio which had some sneaky abs on the chair as well as more paper plates for sliding.  My abs are actually sore and I did less than half of the reps!

Tuesday 7/23
only did a Barefoot Dancer because had a crazy Verizon morning.
First Cinemax somehow got shutoff by Verizon when upgrading our internet speeds then our wireless internet  was disconnected after I changed our router encryption.  All working again and son's laptop is downloading much better than it used to before the speed upgrade.  Phew.

Barefoot Dancer21 Child by POMBarb

Weds 7/24
First I warmed up with the HeavyHands Instructional routine to which I had added MUsic on the bungee with Fitstix. Then I did the Upper Body band routine by Exhale. Next a nice feel good ballet warmup routine. Then jessicasmithtv Yoga Abs to which I had added music and trimmed to be just upright. Last but not least the stick, ball and ring routines while sitting led by an elderly German instructor which were excellent! Of course, I had added MUsic. I used cords attached to my weight machine for the partner rings and sometimes sat on a stability ball instead of chair.  *Advanced* exercisers may turn their noses up at these *senior* type routines but with some tweaking they can be pretty intense.

Thurs 7/25
Finally a break in the heat today!
I tried some of Michelle Dozois Peakfit10 Cardio Burn Remix which had some new moves.  Of course, I tweaked and modified like crazy to do most of the moves on the bungee.  Then I did Ellen's 20 minute workout to which I had added MUsic and found it really nice on the bungee. Then I did some of the Active Aging Chair Yoga.

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