Monday, July 8, 2013

PF and workout checkin

This morning I started with a URX led by Patrick.  He was actually using the UR quite nicely but then started using it more like a step. I did like alot of the moves so will edit it and add MUsic.  Then I finished jessicasmithtv Stride & Step to which I had added MUsic.  Then I did more of the Zumba Basic Class.  I used the bungee with my shoes and new inserts alternating with the stability ball depending on the moves for all of the above.    Finished with more Yoga Dance.

I really like my new shoe inserts from CVS especially designed for PF when walking and workingout BUT they are not comfortable when standing.  Guess I will have to stand differently in AC.  The inserts are similar to Walkfit Platinum but have a cushioned heel and are half the price!
At home where I prefer going barefooted, the new kinesiology tape from Walgreens is very comfortable.  Think this is the simplest taping method:

The tape can be stretched for more support and stays in place nicely.  Finally learned how to remove the paper from the center to be stretched for support and to use the ends unstretched for an easier removal.

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