Monday, May 20, 2013

Downloading Websites, mostly for MACs

Instead of downloading and installing download software, there is the option of just pasting the url of the video which you want to download onto a video downloading website which in turn will download the video for you.
Two good examples are and

I believe these websites will work on MACs as well.
You may be asked to give permission to use java because these websites use java scripts.
However, be watchful that you DO NOT click on any advertisements offering other downloads.

Video Grabber may be faster than Savevid and Grabber also offers a conversion option.
Both have a download ad on top of their pages to avoid.
Just paste the url of a video on either to download a video and do not click the DOWNLOAD of an ad.

Most free software downloads will include offers of unwanted software so you have to be vigilant when downloading and installing the desired software.  Many of these download software programs will not work on MACS. Even though I love Freemake products, I am constantly having to reinstall newer versions to access video downloads from various video websites.
Downloading websites like Savevid and Videograbber will update themselves.

There is another website called keepvid but there have been many complaints about them having even more confusing ads.

If you use the Firefox browser, Download Helper is another alternative.

ETA: Video Grabber takes much longer to download a video than Freemake Video Downloader so for Windows OS, Freemake products are worth the effort to download and install.

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