Wednesday, May 29, 2013


Handbrake is a neat free program for ripping dvd titles.

download directly from Handbrake:

After installation on a PC: 
Open handbrake and put the dvd you want to rip in your drive. 
Handbrake will recognize the dvd as a source option. 
Click on the dvd as your source and handbrake will open the dvd's titles.
You choose which title you want to rip from the title drop down menu. 
You can guess which one you want by the time/duration since the largest titles are usually the chapters you want.
Next choose your destination folder for the ripped title.
(just make sure output settings is Mp4 not Mkv)
click Start and Handbrake will do its thing.
When it is done, you can choose another Title to rip from the Title drop down menu

For example, a 47 minute workout would take about 35 minutes to rip.
I think Freemake Video Converter is faster but this way you do not have to worry about unwanted advertising and offers.

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