Saturday, May 11, 2013

Wendy Ida Fountain of You

This morning I started with Wendy Ida's Fountain of You Level 1 with Wendy's cuing which immediately confirmed I didn't need the cuing.   She rarely explained what she was doing or what the next move would be and the camera angles were often no help either. This would definitely turn off alot of exercisers who play Follow the Leader when moving.  Overall, I like the moves and could do all of Level one on the bungee with Fitstix. Since I am constantly modifying, I didn't have a problem moving and will be adding my own MUsic eventually because it is a nice 18 minute short and sweet routine with no dread factor.  I doubt this dvd set will be popular because most exercisers show little interest in my videos with MUsic only and prefer cuing according to the statistics on my youtube channel.

Next I revisited the first part of Jessica's Ballet Body Sculpt workout to which I had added African MUsic.
Jessica's original was downloaded immediately by me and now hers has more of the upper part of the frame cutoff.  As a result, my African version shows more of the upper frame than the original on the jessicasmithtv channel.

I finished my workout with more German Bellicon videos to which I had added MUsic.

ETA: I am making myself the perfect Mother's Day gift by adding MUsic to Wendy Ida's routines and using Broadway music suggested to me by our son who went through the effort of sending me a list of lesser known tunes to check out that he used to jog to at the gym.

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