Friday, May 3, 2013

Mallett, Bellicon, alittle Manual and Jessica

This morning I did circuit 4 and the whole routine of Tracey Mallett's Dance Fuse Cardio Melt Interval routine on the bungee except for some ballet moves then did the third circuit on the second workout with Fitstix but stopped for the rest of the workout which was done on the mat/floor.  That gal on the Borgias kneels for no man and I kneel for no instructors LOL
Next I did what may become one of my favorite bungee routines.  I had added MUsic to the Bellicon Dance Party. WOW did this rev my old engine!  What took me so long to try this video file??
The original routine:

Imagine doing the above to Kung Fu Fighting and Maroon5 tunes :)

Then I did alittle of one of the German ( youtube routines led by Manual to which I had added Beatle instrumentals then forced myself to leave Manual to switch to Jessica to prevent Hell from freezing over again.  I have added alot of my favorite MUsic to routines by Manual found on - YouTube

Last but certainly not least, some of  Jessicas Total Body Balance Cardio Flow to which I had added Reggae MUsic and lurved it.  I ended up doing it while sitting on a stability ball.

You can purchase the whole Total Body Balance dvd from Jessica, TotalFitness dvds or Collagevideo.  It is perhaps one of the best dvds I ever purchased.

 As much as I liked Cardio Melt, I know I will like it much more with my own MUsic.  There is just something about adding MUsic that makes me want to MUve more. My blog offers alot of tips of how to add MUsic to workouts.

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