Thursday, May 9, 2013

FS Fusion, TBTV and Jessica

This morning I did the routines led by other instructors from Fitstix Fusion to which I added MUsic on the bungee and with Fitstix.  It was quite wonderful.

Just want to mention a few things.  First of all, empty large Lays or Pringles chip cans make good Fitstix substitutes. I partially filled mine with rocksalt but you can use any sliding filler like sand, kosher salt, etc.  Also the large bubble wands at Walmart can make wonderful substitutes and offer a built in handle! Just empty them and let them dry before adding sliding filler. Both the caps of chip cans and wands can be securely closed with duct tape.
Joy Fitstix and dvds are available through the Fitstix store:
Fusion was worth every penny for its 2 hours of footage.
The other dvds can be found cheaper, mostly in Chritstian stores online and in real life.
Fitstix saved my upper body joints, especially elbows.

Second of all, if you want to try any of my video files, I can share them privately on dropbox.  Send an email to me ( requesting an invitation to dropbox.  In return for adding to our dropbox capacities by opening a dropbox account and installing dropbox from the link I send you, I will upload any files I have readily available of your choice.  I did save most of the MUsic added video files I had uploaded to youtube but then later decided to delete from youtube.

After the Fusion routines, I did some TBTV (Basic 4 from March) to which I had added MUsic.
Lurved it!!  TaeBo TV was only available for 3 months as pay-per-views a long time ago.
OK I admit I never even did all of the MUsic added routines I had uploaded to youtube!!
Just too many workouts to try all of them.

Then I tried the first part of Jessica Smiths Full Barre Ballet Burn video to which I had added MUsic but decided to change the MUsic I had added because it didn't click for me.

Jessica had just uploaded the original yesterday:

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