Saturday, May 25, 2013

Jessica, Gaiam and Jill

Took a break from URX to try Jessica's new Indoor Interval Walk Jog:

Really liked the moves but didn't like that the audio just was playing from the left speakers so will have to download and burn it again in mono.  My knee is much better but even with applying Stopain before working out, the jump squats triggered some discomfort again. I used the bungee for most of it then switched to the stability ball when my knee complained.
Next I did a band workout from Gaiam TV called Tricord.  Gaiam TV is free on demand during a Verizon free marathon special which may be offered by other providers as well.  I think Direct TV has a similar free VOD special this weekend.
Finished with Jill Miller's  Rehab1 chair routine. Yesterday I had done Prehab and Rehab2.  I like these because they recognize a connection between the hip and knee.  I also ordered a device from Amazon that is supposed to help pelvic alignment:

I believe this will help me because lying on a small ball in the right spot often does.  I have had this alignment problem my whole adult life.  When the hip twinge kicks in, just lifting up and out of the hip using my core usually relieves it as well.

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