Saturday, May 18, 2013

Jen, TA, Javpel, and Qigong

This morning I did more of Jen Edwards Sweat More to which I had added music, mostly on the bungee and heavier Zumba stick then did some of Tracey Anderson Arms bonus segments.  If Tracey moved slower, I think her routines would be even more effective plus easier to follow.  I like that they work the upper body and core differently.
Then I did some Javpel with a stability ball
Canal de JAVPEL - YouTube
and finished with various Qigong from the same youtube channel as yesterday's.

All of the above had been burned to the same dvdr so I think I am going to try to revisit all of my burned dvdrs, one at a time, mixing and matching the routines on the dvdr till all have been tried before switching to another.  Will mix in original dvd and vhs routines here and there when the dvdr lacks a routine with the focus I want.  I have dozens of routine I burned but never tried!

Also I am trying to do sparks throughout the day more, especially short walks.My son and I did three short walks yesterday after each meal or snack because of beautiful weather.  If weather is not agreeable will try to use my laptop or HDTV youtube app for an indoor spark.

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