Friday, February 3, 2017

Workout Catch Up

I recently tried all of the workouts on the 3 newest dvds with Jessica Smith and plan to revisit most with my own music choices.  She also has some nice new routines on her youtube jessicasmithtv channel.  I used to donate to her channel but now just buy her dvds.

Then I started doing some of the new Sister Fitness routines and they are still my favorite style.  Some are music only (Cardio Basic).  If the cuing is too loud on the others, I just lower the right speaker volume.  I am continuing the subscription to support their site as I have done with previous favorites like Jessica Smith and Ellen Barrett, even though I have not revisited older archived workouts much.  However, 2 workouts I have never seen were recently archived which was a nice bonus surprise.

Grokker has added 9 Ellen Barrett walking routines to their premium videos which I am enjoying with voice reduction so I can hear the music.
Grokker offers a 2 week free trial.   I have not seen anything else on the site that appeals to me so will probably cancel the subscription but  these walks are really nice.  I have dozens of other new workouts to try so do not need the subscription.

ETA: after canceling during the Grokker free trial and receiving a confirmation of the cancellation,  I have been billed two more months and have not had a response to my complaint for two whole business days.
ETA: GROKKER is giving me a refund but are claiming I had subscribed again although I did not.  There was no way for me to know my account was still active plus no way to cancel again when I checked my account after I saw my credit card bill so there was a glitch on their end.
Bottomline, check you credit card/paypal accounts.

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