Wednesday, February 22, 2017

The American Psyche

Definition of Psyche:
soul or spirit

rump's bullying, hate rhetoric. propaganda, and lies have ruined the American Psyche as well as ruining our credibility with our allies.

He has created problems where there were none or escalated smaller problems.
He has ignored other growing problems like the rise in hate crimes.
His *changes* have not benefited anyone and most have been harmed emotionally if not physically.

We need infrastructure before a wall.
We need civil rights instead of partisan politics.
We need respect for one another and political correctness to keep civility and empathy.

Why repeal the Affordable Care Act if it benefits 20 million?
Why rip apart families?
Why cause unnecessary chaos and expenses?

Speaking of expenses:
Supporting his many residences and travel costs while cutting services like PBS and environment protection is just stupidity.

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