Tuesday, August 26, 2014

More Zumba

This morning I did the Zumba class mentioned yesterday by Linda Edler and a few more Zumba downloads.
Not sure why but the download of Edler's class last year was longer than what is presently on her site.  Maybe she had to remove a song or two.
I enjoyed this download too even though the choreo is a bit trickier but darn fun so worth the effort:

Also did some of Zumba Target Zones (Arms/Obliques) and liked most of what I did.

For all of the above, I kept switching between the bungee and Hopper Ball, finding everything compatible with just alittle tweaking.  For example, instead of trying to do the Hora to Hava Nagila, I just did bent elbow ab twists and crunches.

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