Sunday, August 17, 2014

Come Dancewithshelly!

This morning I started with a couple of dancewithshelly routines and really enjoyed them with their original audio!  All of her routines were linked to youtube but to access some full routines, I needed to go to her website by clicking on the links on her preview youtube pages.

This morning I started on the bungee healthbouncing to a gentle dance for people with Fibromyalgia.
(Here are the sample/preview clips)

then I did some of her Hip Hop routine while sitting on a stability ball.

which actually became quite intense even while sitting on a stability ball.

Then I did Keaira's Towel Swag holding a short band instead of a towel

and ended with my edited Kathy Smith stretch combining 2 stretch routines.

Here's a sample
(I do not know what happened to the King of Funk David Gray who is a background exerciser above even though I believe I collected all of his VHS funky dance workouts)

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