Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Nell and Karen Joy

This morning I tried some of the Nell McAndrew's Peak Energy Recharged DVD which was gifted to me by a generous VFer.  At first, I really liked it!  The music was decent and the cuing minimal. Then the whistling started and I was wishing for a different soundtrack.  Once the instructor replaced the cuing with a loud whistle, I felt more like a dog in obedience class than a human being trying to MUve in a workout class. Also the moves were starting to feel too repetitive.  However, I may do my thang with it, removing some of the repetitive parts and replacing the audio.

Next I started to revisit my edited Fitstix Kids routine and lurved it!
Here's alittle sample
It is sad that the Fitstix enterprise has ended because Karen Joy Allen created some wonderful routines besides a joint friendly piece of equipment.

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