Friday, August 22, 2014

Rediscovering older Routines

Today I continued revisiting downloads.  Unfortunately the first few by PTFitness with Rosalie Brown  just didn't click for me (rebounder, pedometer and tubing)
too much TIFTTing and repeating the earlier cardio moves too often by the time more were added and so on.  I do not even think editing and adding MUsic would make them worth a revisit cuz I have so many routines I prefer like the jessicasmithtv jogging routine. Tubing was ok but nothing special.

Then I started to revisit the jessicasmithtv jogging routine and liked it till her music started losing my interest so switched dvdrs to my edited version and did it till I felt pooped.
mine with exercise cd music from thrift store:

JS Indoor Jogging MU by POMBarb

Then I checked out a bit of what was on the burned dvdr and came across some awesome routines from the German Well channel to which I had added MUsic so I will be sticking with this burned dvdr awhile.

Since music is the universal language, I love replacing foreign routines with MUsic since I do not understand the cuing anyway.  So after a boring start, I am filled with anticipation for tomorrow morning.

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