Monday, August 11, 2014

Big Brother, CBS and FIOS Rant

Confession:  My summer TV revolves around Big Brother

Last evening,  after waiting for the delayed golf broadcast then the following 60 minutes delayed broadcast, Big Brother finally went on 2 hours late and destroyed any chance of me seeing any of the other Sunday night shows I like to watch and kept me up past my bedtime. Thursday night football will also interfere with the live Thursday night Big Brother schedule. Last week I watched at the regular time in AC with a Philly station LOL
However there is a sister CBS NY station which will broadcast the Thursday show live when football blocks the live broadcast.  Unfortunately, this was not done last night since the golf delay because of weather was unplanned.  I only hope that I can see the live Thursday night shows when in AC if Philly has a football game scheduled.

I never got a dvr and rely on FIOS Video On Demand and online streaming for missed shows. Not all shows are available online, especially those on FX because FIOS does not enable the FX streaming option.
I CANNOT rely on FIOS VOD to see missed episodes timely before the next episode airs.  FIOS is totally unreliable in uploading missed shows and could take up to a whole week to update.  They also randomly remove some episodes of shows.  I hope I can see the shows I missed last night on VOD or online before next Sunday or watch the episodes consecutively before they are removed.

I did enjoy the Big Brother show but found out this morning that it was completely rigged!  People who just watch the edited shows and do not see the live feeds or read their summaries do not have a clue about what is going on.  They make Frankie seem so nice but the feeds show otherwise.

Here's the crew gossip:
(warning: spoilers from last night's show)

Producers didn't want Caleb to sit out. They pulled him aside and tried to convince him to swap. Frankie didn't clue in to him throwing it, they flat out told him.
They offered Caleb money on the DL, he said no. Then they scrambled to tack on a prize. There were no specifics about the prize because they don't even know what it's going to be yet.. They are scrambling to put it together now. 
Then the BoB game was delayed so they could call in the engineers and fix it so it could work for one person. Half way through the game Caleb wants in cause he sees he's winning alone. The edit skips a bit cause you don't see them not letting Caleb play. Now Zach sees it's easier for one and he does it solo.
Producers either pressured or made a deal with Frankie that he has to out himself now. 
They think he's gone soon and they want it out who he is. 

They've also been coaching Donny a lot cause he sucks as a player but he's likable.

Frankie Article

ETA this morning 8/13
Derrick and Cody did mention that Caleb tried to get back into the BoB comp when he saw Frankie was winning but Caleb was not allowed to compete, confirming previous rumors that production knew about Caleb's plan to sit out and engineered the comp to work for one person.

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