Monday, August 25, 2014

Purplestore and Chair on the Hopper Ball

First I did an edited file of the band warmup which I really liked , maybe because of my MUsic because the original does nothing for me LOL

Then I tried their edited lower body band routine but wasn't my thing (band lower body wrapped around the feet tend to aggravate my knees) so skipped to another edited Purplestore warmup which was done with the legs wide and worked perfectly on my hopper ball!

It really worked the lower body on the Hopper Ball!
(and my MUsic made it awesome)

After the standing routine, I did a chair routine on the Hopper Ball but need to replace its MUsic:

If I want to bounce and keep legs wide, I keep the handle in front.  If I want to bounce with my legs closer together, I put the handle in the back.  I think I like the Hopper Ball more than my favorite stability ball which is saying alot since I have at least 5 others still blown up.  If I want to drive up my intensity quickly during a routine, a few hops will do the trick.

Also started to revisit the Sparkspeople Chair routine and decided to stick with my edited version.

Saved the best for last.
This Zumba Beginners Class which was removed from youtube :(

The audio quality wasn't the best but the choreography was great on the bungee.  Linda Elder has lots of Zumba classes on her channel, many of which I plan to download.
(check for more)

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