Saturday, August 9, 2014

Copyrights Rant

I did alot of great edited routines this morning but unfortunately, I cannot share any of them because of copyrights.  One was a Jessicasmithtv routine which I had originally shared after replacing the audio the first time:

JS Cardio Blast Redone by POMBarb
but I redid the music a second time and the newer version is awesome!

Here is Jessica's original:

Also did some of an edited dancewithshelly.
Here is her sample:

I found the whole routine by going to her website and the music I used clicked much better for me.

It is so sad that I cannot publicly share the outstanding routines I am enjoying.  Our copyright system is simply archaic in today's tech world.

This morning I used my Hear Rate monitor watch and saw my intensity was almost the same on the bungee or on the stability ball!   Do not know why the stability ball is not used more for cardio, especially if a lower body joint is feeling vulnerable.

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