Saturday, August 23, 2014

My New Toy

My new piece of equipment has arrived which is a stability ball with a handle.
Actually, it is a Hopper Ball  large enough for adults.
I ordered the pink one but it also comes in blue
Pink Hopper Ball for Adults

Blowing it up wasn't as easy as expected till I realized its pump just wasn't doing its job after about the 3/4 mark so I tried it with another pump and got it easily up to 27 inches.  May shoot for the other inch tomorrow after trying it to see how it fits.  Right now I believe it is the perfect angle for my knees.

Here's a photo of the much stronger pump and the set it came with:

I wanted to share a quick webcam video without moving around any furniture.  When trying to get into position, I took quite a flop backwards but Arnica gel was thankfully right within arms reach and it did its thing. I had fallen backwards and slammed my elbow into the floor.  I would have shown more in the video but after getting right back up on the horse, I wasn't throwing caution to the wind so the video is very tame.

I just wanted to mention that the shirt I wear when working out is one of 20 identical Tshirts I own from Showboat casino which is sadly closing next month.

I am very grateful I didn't injure myself badly and that Arnica gel came to the rescue.  Otherwise, there would have been no video and the thing probably would have been packed up and returned as soon as I was physically able.  I will not be racing or playing soccer on it.  Lesson learned.  I will act my age or at least 50% of it.

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