Saturday, August 16, 2014

MUving and Pain

After reading an article about pain tolerance and exercise,

I was reminded about how much better I feel after my workout session.  Every morning, I wake up with stiffness and aches which all seem to disappear once I start moving.  If I have an actual injury, I find moving cautiously usually promotes healing.  In fact, avoiding movement because of an injury often causes the pain to radiate to other areas of the body.  Arnica gel usually relieves the pain enough that I can move and also promotes healing.  Sometimes, I do resort to taking a pain relieving pill.  Also I try different ways to move which do not aggravate the injury. My feet are much improved since getting my JumpSport 550 PRO but before its arrival, I started sitting and bouncing on a stability ball for much of the workout.  I continue to do so to avoid overuse of my feet and ankles. (tip: use a larger stability ball if your knees complain)

My main goal when working out is to feel as well as possible with minimal physical pain and increased energy when done.  During the day when feeling an ache and/or energy low, I do a spark to relieve the ache and to feel energized.  My workout is a joyful time for me.  Anything that may create dread is removed.

Music definitely energizes me when moving.  Now that I have been replacing the audio on workouts, an annoying voice or inaudible music just doesn't give me the lift in energy I need.

Another technique that helps me move is avoiding movements which do not click for me so when I edit music, I remove some moves or excessive reps of moves.  When I follow a workout, I let the workout suggest what movement I could be doing.  Sometimes I tweak the move itself and/or its speed to make it work better for me.  Watching myself in a mirror is better than being fixated on the TV screen.  I do not play *Simon Says* or *Follow the Leader*,  listening to my body and the beat of my own drum and making the movement as much fun as possible, avoiding any twinges.  I want to feel good during and after a workout.  I know my own body much better than the person on the TV screen.

If in a hotel room, I can follow a video on either of my Tracfones (unactivated LG Dynamic Optimus and activated LG 840).  A great tip I read was to put the mobile into a drinking glass to amplify the sound.   This worked great on my recent trip to AC.  I have loaded some videos onto my mobiles for traveling and can access any of my dropbox videos stored in the cache by making the video a favorite on the Optimus.  Also can access my online videos either with WiFi or my activated LG840 3G browser when no WiFi.

This mornings' workout were edited Kathy Smith files (10 minute Fatburning Blast., Matrix Walk, and Peel Off the Pounds Pilates). I already had most of these dvds and had edited some but adding music to these clips that Kathy Smith shared on vimeo was easier than trying to find my previous edits.  Really enjoyed them so mission accomplished.  Now will have to hunt for my older edits.
Here a sample of Kathy Smith routines with different MUsic:
I did use mostly Country music with Matrix.
The 10 minute Fatburning Blast original :


Peel Off the Pounds Pilates

ETA: Just enjoyed this spark
an apartment routine by POPSUGAR Fitness

sample of my file:

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