Thursday, August 28, 2014

Fitstix Kids and Faithful F3

This morning I started with an older edited video file of the Fitstix Kids routine with MU added.  I really enjoyed the variety of moves!  Too bad this dvd is OOP.  Too bad the Fitstix enterprise is over.

FS Kids MU by POMBarb
It actually makes a nice walking or bouncing routine without Fitstix.

Then I did some of an edited Faithful routine which is available free if you sign up for the F3 plan:
Faithful F3 Plan

I like the moves but unfortunately, her voice is annoying so I prefer MUsic only.  I did track down a few of the songs being used and included them.  What was really great about the routine I did was that there was a chair modifier.  Those who have trouble tweaking standing routines to the bungee, ball or chair may appreciate the modifications.
Original video at
Getting Started

The whole group uses a chair in the second half and add tubing for strength

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