Monday, August 4, 2014


I store many videos privately on Dropbox and share some of them through Dropbox.  Dropbox is a great way to store, share files, and/or have access to the files on the road with a Smartphone, etc.
Again I want to invite anyone who does not have a Dropbox account yet to subscribe and install through this link so we  can both get extra space:

What I really like most about Dropbox is after I delete a file, I can restore it for 30 days.
What I like least about their free account is that I can only share files privately because if I draw too much traffic, my account gets frozen for a few days.  So if I do share a file or folder with you, please do not give that link to others.  You can download the file/folder into your own Dropbox account and share it with others from your own account.

This morning I revisited more of my edited Baladea Boost on the bungee (really love the simple moves and great MUsic) then I did Meghan Henderson's (edited) Boxing routine.  My MUsic was so good that I freestyled whenever a move became too repetitious.  I used my stability ball and Billy's gloves attached with a band from PT24/7 then switched to Fitstix.  Finished with more of Michael King's Flow.

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