Friday, August 29, 2014

Nell and F3

This morning I bounced with an edited file of Nell McAndrew's Peak Energy Recharge.  At first, I didn't mind the audio on the DVD but then the male instructor leading most of the routine started his whistling so I did my thang with it, replacing the audio and removing some of the moves which got repetitive.

Then I continued visiting edited versions of the Faithful freebies through their F3 Plan.  I really enjoyed alot of the moves both on the bungee and on the ball.

OK I did spend alot of time looking for a stability ball plug when it went flying across the room when removing it to pump some air into the ball.  That almost became a hated mat workout! Since my dvdr was still playing at least I did the ground searching to good MUsic. LOL

Before my workout, I hauled my BodyBurner (minitramp with straps) to my bedroom for sparks.  Doubt I will use it much because it feels like concrete.  Wish I had bought another YogFlex which had a better and bigger mat instead when they were available years ago.

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