Thursday, May 25, 2017

Therapy Visit #2

Before my treatment,
a gal took 6 tubes of blood and also urine.
(our medical insurance covers these tests)

Today I had the hydro bed added to my treatment and loved it
and was given a bunch of supplements and ointments*
(and an African violet to welcome me as a new patient)

He said my calves were much looser.
I have not had a real cramp since my first treatment Monday.
Next week will only be one day Wednesday because of the holiday

a liquid that is loaded with over 400 nutrients one capful a day
An herbal supplement pill to take once a day
a Magnesium powder recommended at night
an ointment to go on any sore muscles, joints, etc
a pump bottle that relieves pain through the skin applied either in the inner elbow or behind a knee for absorption
(this pump will definitely be in my pocketbook for my next trip to Atlantic City because the nights have been full of cramps there)

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